"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring!"



New York City, NY



Pratt Institute, NYC

Carsten Institute of Cosmetology, NYC 



Beauty & Creative Director for All Ethnic Hair Types 


Joshua has been in  the world of fashion, beauty, and the arts for over 14 years now. He attended a world renowned Ivy league art institution, Pratt Institute located in New York City, where he graduated with honors and received his bachelor’s degree in the arts. During his career he was blessed to work with iconic artists to help create works that are currently displayed in highly recognized venues such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

From there Joshua branched out traveling around the world to destinations such as Italy, Greece, France, Germany, and Spain where he attended world renown events embracing the true essence of the fashion and beauty industry. His artistic fashion designs and beauty makeovers were seen by the public and elite communities. Joshua's exquisite talent for fashion and beauty has also been personally admired by legendary fashion designers, most particularly Jean Paul Gaultier.

In his view there are no limitations to someone’s beauty. Joshua has trained with the best of the best in the industry of hair and still continues to collaborate with other well established professionals. His focus is to bring out everyone’s true individual beauty within, transforming them into who they really are and desire to be.

As a result of his continued education, training and exposure to different cultures he has refined his abilities to work with all hair types, from ethnic, Asian, Indian, Caucasian and more. He is also renowned for his custom precision cutting, coloring, highlights, seamless weaves, extensions, hairstyles and up do’s for all accessions. His skills are not only limited to making woman beautiful he also is a master in cutting men’s hair using his exceptional barbering skills.

Joshua always takes into account, his clients individual lifestyle and profession in developing the best look and hair care program for his client’s needs. He knows that a person’s lifestyle and profession is very important. He uses this information in combination with the look that his client desires to achieve. He's constantly evolving in the world of cosmetology and fashion throughout Europe and the United States in order to offer the best up to date styles for his clients.